Advanced Wound Healing Analysis with PKDERM's Innovative Technology

PKDERM employs an innovative approach to wound healing analysis, harnessing the power of the in vitro scratch test in conjunction with the cutting-edge CytoSMART Omni platform. We take pride in being the first in France to adopt the Omni and the very first to utilize the new digital 6.4 MP CMOS camera, enhancing our capacity to observe cell cultures and scrutinize biological processes with remarkable spatial precision.

The CytoSMART Omni represents an automated brightfield microscope, capable of visualizing the entire surface of a cell culture vessel while seamlessly operating within a standard CO2 incubator. What sets the Omni apart is its ability to capture comprehensive time-lapse videos spanning days or even weeks. The higher quality images produced, coupled with robust AI-based image analysis, guarantee the generation of dependable and reproducible experimental data, minimizing the potential for artifacts.

To ensure precise and reproducible scratch tests, we culture cells, including keratinocytes and fibroblasts, within Ibidi® culture-inserts. The CytoSMART Omni brightfield device facilitates live-cell imaging and quantitative analysis, enabling us to gain invaluable insights.

In essence, PKDERM’s scratch test methodology finds versatile applications across various fields, including wound healing, lung fibrosis, and tumor proliferation. It serves as an efficient and high-throughput screening tool, paving the way for impactful experiments and discoveries.

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Workflow of scratch test developed by PKDERM to assess wound healing properties

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