PKDERM's Patented Innovations: Advancing Biotechnology and In Vitro Testing

Welcome to PKDERM’s “Patents” page, where we proudly showcase our innovative technologies and solutions that have made significant contributions to the fields of biotechnology, in vitro testing, and pharmaceutical research. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of scientific excellence has resulted in the development of patented solutions that drive industry advancements.

Explore our portfolio of patented technologies and discover how PKDERM continues to shape the future of biotechnology. From novel testing methodologies to cutting-edge research tools, our patents represent our dedication to innovation and our mission to provide safer and more effective products to the world.

  1. In vitro method using human skin for evaluation the influence of ABC transporters. Osman-Ponchet H. WO2013/001232 A1
  2. Optimizing ungual treatment by quantitative autoradiography. Osman-Ponchet H, Bouclier M. WO2013/156225 A1
  3.  Use of a SLC mammalian skin transporter. Osman-Ponchet H. WO2014/184265 A1
  4. Skin organ culture model system and its use. Osman-Ponchet H. WO2016/016230 A1
  5. Diffusion cell and uses for evaluating the diffusion of a compound through a membrane. Osman-Ponchet H, Fredon L, Bianchi CJL. WO2017/055769 A1
  6. Expression profiles of ABC and SLC transporters in human and minipig skin, liver and kidney. Osman-Ponchet H. WO 2018/065384 A1
  7. Model for evaluation of dermal fillers. Osman-Ponchet H. WO2019/076507 A1
  8. Method for the generation of a skin organoculture model and skin model. Osman-Ponchet H. WO 2019/076508 A1
  9. New method to visualize distribution profile of penetration of compound(s) through the nail. Osman-Ponchet H, Kunz G. EP-3730938-A1. Publication date 2020/10/28.
  10. Use of 3D skin model for assessing treatment of SARS-Coronavirus skin infection. H. Osman-Ponchet. EP-3922714-A1. Publication date 2021/12/15
  11. In vitro airways nebulization assay. H. Osman-Ponchet, M. Barthe. EP-4186547-A1. Publication date 2023/05/31.