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At PKDERM, we are pioneering biotechnology experts specializing in cutting-edge in vitro models and solutions for assessing the safety and efficacy of new products. Our commitment to technical excellence and agile innovation sets us apart as industry leaders.

Our Expertise:

Our primary focus is on serving customers in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors, with a strong emphasis on drug development, dermatology, and the respiratory field. Founded in 2018, PKDERM draws from the profound knowledge and experience of our visionary founder, Dr. Hanan Osman-Ponchet , whose career spans over two decades.


As a former leader in drug development at major pharmaceutical companies, Dr. Hanan Osman-Ponchet has played a pivotal role in pioneering alternatives to animal experimentation models. This achievement underscores PKDERM’s profound expertise in providing cutting-edge in vitro models and solutions.

Our Vision:

Today, PKDERM is dedicated to assisting our clients at every stage of their research and development journey, from the inception and conceptualization of new products to the execution of reliable in vitro tests.

Comprehensive Expertise and Versatile Models:

Our success thrives on the seamless fusion of cutting-edge equipment and an experienced team of experts. This synergy allows us to deliver a comprehensive range of services that cater to the diverse needs of our clients. Furthermore, we have cultivated invaluable scientific and technological partnerships with trusted collaborators to provide our clients with a comprehensive array of services.

In addition, PKDERM showcases a wide array of biological models, including:

  • Primary culture of human skin cells (keratinocytes, fibroblasts, melanocytes)
  • Primary culture of corneal fibroblasts
  • Cell lines (HaCat, CPEK, B16F10, NIH 3T3, Calu-3, Caco-2)
  • 3D Reconstructed human epidermis and human skin equivalent models                         
  • Human skin explants
  • Primary culture of human hepatocytes
  • Primary culture of human pulmonary fibroblasts
  • 3D reconstructed human airway model
  • Precision-cut lung slices (PCLS)

These versatile models can be tailored to suit various conditions, including basal, inflammatory, stressed, pathological, and more, further enhancing our ability to meet the unique demands of our clients.

Our Mission:

Our mission at PKDERM is threefold:

  • Facilitating Safe and Effective Products: We aim to assist our partners in bringing safe and effective products to the market.
  • Accelerating Product Development: We are dedicated to helping our partners speed up the development of new products, from initial ideation to market launch, by selecting the right in vitro models and assays at the optimal stages of the development process.
  • Reducing Costs and Enhancing Safety: We are committed to reducing development costs, shortening time-to-market, and providing robust scientific evidence of product efficacy and safety through innovative and reliable in vitro testing.

Our Values:

At PKDERM, we highly value the following principles:

  • Responsiveness, Quality, and Flexibility: We maintain a high level of responsiveness, ensuring quality and flexibility in our services.
  • Transparent Information Sharing: We believe in transparently sharing information with our partners.
  • Collaborative Decision-Making: We foster coordinated decision-making, working closely with our partners to achieve common goals.

Our Commitment to Customers:

We believe that customer care extends far beyond mere transactions. Our commitment is to build lasting partnerships with our clients by consistently delivering exceptional service.


Diffusion cell used in IVPT study at PKDERM