Presentations and Webinars

Explore PKDERM’s contributions to the scientific community through a series of informative presentations delivered at prestigious congresses and engaging webinars. At PKDERM, we are dedicated to knowledge-sharing and staying at the forefront of biotechnology and in vitro testing. Our presentations and webinars provide a platform to share insights, research findings, and advancements in drug development, dermatology, and related fields.

  1. Mastering In Vitro Permeation Testing: A Comprehensive Guide to Conducting an IVPT Study. Webinar hosted by Teledyne Hanson. May 2023. Video recording
  2. A new in vitro nebulization assay applied on 3D reconstructed human airway tissue model: Application for assessment of anti-inflammatory aerosol.  AIT Spring Conference 2023 “Spring is in the Air – Advancing Inhalation Toxicology” , 3-5 May 2023, Gothenburg, Sweden. Video presentation
  3. Safety and Efficacy Evaluation of Cosmetic Products and Ingredients. How to integrate innovative in vitro test methods. A joint webinar with European Consortium. January 2023. Video recording
  4. Efficacy Testing of Cosmetic Products: How to support cosmetic claims? Webinar with Innov’Alliance. December 2022. Video recording
  5. In Vitro Permeation Testing (IVPT): Application to Cosmetic products. Webinar hosted by Teledyne Hanson. November 2022. Video recording
  6. Modeling skin inflammation using 2 D and 3 D in vitro models. ESTIV 2022, Barcelona, Spain. pdf presentation
  7. Safety and Efficacy Testing of Cosmetic Products: Overview of established methods and new models. Online Summer Course Webinar. July 2022. pdf presentation 
  8. Development of an in vitro wound healing model using live-cell imaging: application in the field of lung fibrosis. June 2022. LIVe2022, Nice France. pdf presentation
  9. Evaluating wound healing properties of cosmetic ingredients using live-cell imaging with CytoSmart Omni device. Webinar. March 2022. Video recording
  10. Assessment of dermal absorption, and skin and eye irritation of cosmetic products. A joint webinar with European Consortium. November 2021. pdf presentation
  11. Is compromized skin a potential transmission route for SARS-CoV-2? September 2021. 30th EADV Congress. Video recording
  12. Comparison of the expression  of SARS-CoV-2 receptors in in vitro skin and lung models. OpenTox 2021 Virtual Conference. September 2021. pdf presentation
  13. Safety testing of cosmetic products: Overview of established methods and new models. SaferWorldbyDesign Webinar. June 2021. pdf presentation
  14. Cosmetic Safety 3.0. How to speed up the evaluation of the efficacy and safety of cosmetic products using innovative in vitro tools. Webinar, March 2021. Pdf presentation.
  15. Effect of ultraviolet radiation on the expression of drug transporters in in vitro skin models. Webinar on Drug Delivery Across Physiological Barriers. January 2021. pdf presentation.
  16. Lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammation has no effect on the expression levels of ABC drug transporters in in vitro skin models. GMP virtual conference, 2020. Pdf presentation.
  17. Cosmetic Safety 3.0. Comment accélérer l’évaluation de l’efficacité et de la sécurité des produits cosmétiques à l’aide d’outils in vitro innovants. Webinar, October 2020. Pdf presentation.
  18. Cosmetics Assessment Session (Introduction). OpenTox 2020 Virtual Conference. September 2020. Pdf presentation.
  19. Use of alternative skin models for animal-free safety and efficacy testing in dermatology research. Safer World by Design Webinar. August 2020. Pdf presentation.
  20. Use of alternative skin models in safety and efficacy testing of cosmetic products. Tours France: December 2019, le Studium Conferences, Skin Models in Cosmetic Science: Bridging Established Methods and Novel Technologies. Pdf Presentation.
  21. Drug transporters in the skin: Role in dermal absorption. Lyon France: October 2019, GMP symposium. DMPK-centered approach to predict Drug Efficacy and Safety. Pdf Presentation.
  22. Different skin preparation alternatives to curettage. Nice France: March 2018, 17th Annual Congress of the European Society for Photodynamic Therapy. Pdf Presentation.
  23. Drug transporters in the skin and the importance in dermal absorption. Sunderland UK: November 2017; 3rd Skin Metabolism Meeting. Pdf Presentation.
  24. Characterization and regulation of the expression of drug transporters in human skin. Rome Italy: October 2016; 7th Euro-Global Summit on Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology. Pdf Presentation.
  25. Characterization of drug transporters in human skin. Budapest Hungary: May 2016; Meet the Experts Transporter meeting. Pdf Presentation.
  26. Use of human hepatocytes for the in vitro determination of cytochromes P450 induction. Paris France: June 2012; Hepatocyte Expert Programme. Pdf Presentation.