In Vitro Safety and Efficacy Testing Services | PKDERM

At PKDERM, we possess extensive expertise in a diverse range of assay systems used to assess the the safety and efficacy of new products. This expertise allows us to collaborate closely with our clients to identify the most suitable assays tailored to their specific requirements.

Our well-established experience and our global network of multidisciplinary partners enable us to swiftly assist our clients, addressing their urgent testing needs at various stages of the development process, from initial screening and early phases to pre-clinical and phase IV post-marketing development.

PKDERM specializes in providing in vitro biological testing services across various sectors, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics, chemicals, and agrochemicals.

Our comprehensive  in vitro safety testing encompasses a wide range of evaluations, including dermal absorption, skin irritation, eye irritation, cytotoxicity, phototoxicity, Drug metabolism and transporters, CYP induction, and drug-drug interactions. In addition, we partner with companies like SenzaGen for skin sensitization tests, WatchFrog for endocrine properties assays, GenEvolution for genotoxicity assays, and CEHTRA for risk assessment

In addition, our  in vitro efficacy testing covers areas such as dermal and nail absorption, anti-inflammatory properties, pigmentation, aging, wound healing, lung fibrosis and more.

We are committed to offering personalized services tailored to each client and project, supporting product development from initial concept to data promotion and publication. In addition to standard testing services, we excel in optimizing and validating novel alternative assays.

Furthermore, PKDERM provides  scientific and project management services  related to alternative methods to animal testing. We also offer workshops and  practical training on the utilization of in vitro methods.

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