PCLS : A Gold Standard to Evaluating Lung Fibrosis

PKDERM has pioneered the use of the Precision-Cut Lung Slices (PCLS) model, an innovative lung model that maintains the natural tissue architecture. By inducing fibrosis with a specialized fibrotic cocktail and employing advanced techniques such as image analysis combined with transcriptomic and histopathologic analysis, we can effectively evaluate the efficacy of antifibrotic compounds. This model is invaluable for high-throughput screening.

In addition to the PCLS model, we also utilize human pulmonary fibroblasts in primary culture. These fibroblasts are stimulated with TNF-beta (Tumor Necrosis Factor-beta) to induce fibrosis.

In our evaluation, we go beyond standard assessments. We measure cell migration as a crucial readout in fibrosis evaluation, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of potential antifibrotic compounds.

Furthermore, our analysis encompasses a range of fibrotic markers, including COL1A1, COL3A1, FN1, ACTA2, and MMP12 ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the fibrosis process and the potential impact of tested compounds. With these cutting-edge techniques and meticulous analysis, PKDERM leads the way in pulmonary research and the study of lung fibrosis and antifibrotic interventions.

Human Lung PCLSPCLS - Lung Fibrosis

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