PKDERM Scientific Contribution

Welcome to PKDERM’s page dedicated to our scientific achievements and contributions. Here, we showcase our commitment to advancing biotechnology, in vitro testing, and research methodologies. Explore our extensive list of patents, publications, and presentations, all of which highlight our dedication to innovation and knowledge-sharing.

Our Patents

PKDERM takes pride in its innovative approach to biotechnology. Discover our patented technologies and solutions that have made a significant impact in the fields of drug development, dermatology, and more. To learn more, check our dedicated page here.

Our Publications

Explore our extensive collection of research publications, where our experts have shared their insights and discoveries with the scientific community. These publications cover a wide range of topics, from in vitro testing methods to regulatory insights. check our dedicated page here.

Presentations, Posters and Webinars

Stay updated with our latest findings and presentations by browsing through our presentations, posters and webinar archives. These resources offer in-depth insights into our ongoing research and expertise in various scientific domains. Check our dedicated page on presentations here, and on posters and webinars here.

At PKDERM, our commitment to scientific excellence drives us to continuously push the boundaries of knowledge, and we invite you to join us on this journey.